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EPIC Entrepreneurs Awards

The Finalists have been decided

Every year thousands of new businesses are started by young people, and for us here at EPIC, we see the challenges, obstacles and adversity many of them have to overcome in order to even get to the point of launching their idea.

That’s why we want to recognise and celebrate all those talented young people, who are giving it a go and making their dreams a reality.

All EPIC Award Winners will receive an award as recognition for their achievement and will also be invited guests to the National Sales Conference 'Entrepreneur Track' on 10th November in Birmingham.

This is in partnership with the Global Entrepreneur Network, and the event will feature pitch training from the UK Business Angels Association, the trade body for Angel Investing.

Plus there will be a fantastic speakers line up covering support personal branding, brand creation and storytelling, sustainability in sales, routes to market and great entrepreneur stories.

To find out more about the event click here!

Finalists have now been decided by our judging panel.

The awards celebration will take place on 15th September.

Thank you for your time and good luck!