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Stuart Priscott's 50th JOGLE Challenge 2021
This event is over

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a life-limiting genetic condition affecting more than 10,000 people across the UK. It affects the lungs and digestive system and can cause chronic infections and reduced lung function. Currently, half of those with CF will not live past age 41. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is fighting for a brighter future for people with CF and their families by funding cutting-edge research, driving up standards of care and supporting people with the condition and their loved ones every step of the way.

  • £25 could help provide emergency support through a helpline and grants, which are more in demand than ever.
  • £100 could help the charity improve the quality of care in CF centres across the UK
  • £500 could help the charity fight for access to life-saving drugs
  • £1,000 could help fund ground-breaking research

Chance to Shine is a national charity on a mission to spread the power of cricket throughout schools and communities. The charity takes cricket to new places and uses it to ignite new passions, teach vital skills, unite diverse groups, and educate young people from Cornwall to County Durham.

Since 2005, Chance to Shine has given over 5 million boys and girls in more than 10,000 state schools and community projects, the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket, improving their personal, social and mental well-being.

  • £25 could help to run a training session for teachers, giving them the confidence and skills to lead their own cricket sessions with pupils.
  • £40 funds a Street coach for a two hour session.
  • £100 could help a young Street cricketer to train as a qualified coach support worker, potentially leading to employment on their own Street project.
  • £150 funds half a term of cricket for a whole class.
  • £150 funds 1 Street participant to become a Foundation 1 cricket coach.
  • £500 could help provide coaching, leadership training and competition to teenage girls. It aims to help them develop key life skills needed for the classroom and, in future, the corporate boardroom.
  • £1,000 could help provide cricket opportunities to hundreds of young disabled people in over 200 schools.
  • £7,000 funds one Street project for a whole year.