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Fuel Your Superpowers - Neurowellness workshop for elite entrepreneurs Closed

Fuel Your Superpowers - Neurowellness workshop for elite entrepreneurs

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Gamma Focus, by Divergence Supplements, The Evening Standard’s No1 supplement to watch for 2024, comes to you with a full 360 offer to level up your health and performance with an exclusive half-day workshop for you and up to seven mates or colleagues, valued at £5,000. Led by nutrition expert Lara Hughes, dive into how your diet can boost your physical and mental game. Tailor your eating strategy to smash your health goals, get the lowdown on foods that tackle your health challenges, and power up with top nutrition tips and recipes. This isn’t just a workshop; it’s your game plan for peak performance, crafted by Divergence. • Unlock how diet influences your mood, energy, and overall health. • Discover foods that tackle personal health issues. • Tailor a nutrition plan to your fitness and wellness goals. • Try out power-boosting recipes and snacks. • Have your health queries addressed by an expert. • Learn strategies to enhance your well-being through diet. • Gain insights to boost both physical and mental performance. This session is designed to empower you with the knowledge for a life of optimised health. Check out the supplement everyone is talking about, at