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The Big 30th Birthday Aerobility Summer Auction

It's here!


We are so excited to announce our brand new fundraiser to celebrate Aerobility's 30th birthday! Over 30 years, we've introduced over 10,000 individuals with a variety of disabilities to the magic and wonder of flight, forever transforming their perspective on the world and their personal capabilities. To kickstart the fundraiser, we have launched the Summer Auction to celebrate 30 years of disabled aviation. We have three incredible aviation themed lots. Bidding is open now so don't miss out!

Bidding closes at 12:00 5th August 2023


If the auction isn't your cup of tea, anyone can sign up to the 'What's your 30' fundraising creative initiative. You can design your own '30' fundraiser and make it as challenging as you would like! Whether it's 30 days of running, a sponsored silence for 30 hours, or a 30 second handstand - the choice is yours!

Every step, every cake sale, every effort counts towards empowering individuals through the magic of flight. Sign up today and make a lasting impact.


Together, let's continue transforming lives for another 30 years and beyond. Remember to tag Aerobility in any social media posts so that we can see your awesome fundraising efforts!


To find out more of the details and to sign up, please visit

You can also use this website to simply donate if nothing takes your fancy. A gift of £30 today for our 30th year will help ensure we are here for the next 10,000 people who need us.




Make a Donation


Aerobility is a UK based, registered charity. Founded in 1993, we change lives by providing anyone, with any disability with access to the magic and wonder of flight.   We do this because taking the controls of an aircraft and participating in aviation based activities drives a focus on capability and what you can do – not what you can't.


This makes everything else in life feel that little bit more achievable, whilst offering the ultimate feeling of freedom and escape from restrictions of disability.


Aerobility represents the needs of those living with disability into aviation and is working hard to ensure access for all.


From humble beginnings back in 1993 to our current fleet of 5 special aircraft with a head office at Blackbushe and operations from Tatenhill as well, we support nearly 1,000 disabled people per year with access to the magic and wonder of flight.


For some, just that amazing first flight is enough to change their outlook on disability forever.


"If I can fly an aeroplane, what else can I do?"


Others, realising that the fantasy of flight is truly in their grasp, decide to continue flying, with some securing their Private Pilot Licence and others even looking towards working in aviation.


Aerobility provides once in a life-time 'Experience Flights’ to as many terminally ill and disabled people as possible as well as subsidised flying for individuals and other disability charities. A user lead organisation, Aerobility is run largely by disabled aviators, for disabled people. This year it will provide a 30 mini scholarships.


Aerobility also provides advice, knowledge and advocacy for disabled people who wish to fly.